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How to Spot a Weak Online Poker Player


The weaker the poker player online, the easier it is to get them to hand over their chips. With an abundance of new players joining the poker sites daily, you need to spot these weak players so you can build a solid foundation in your bankroll. Not all new players are weak, so you have to really take the time to watch carefully and it will become apparent exactly who these weak players are.

Here are a few ways that you can isolate which players are weak and which you should never tangle with.

The weak players are just so happy to be playing that they want to chat instead of focus on their hands. These are the players who are using the chat feature to chat with other players, complain about bad beats, whine about poor starting hands, and even tell you what types of hands they just folded. If you sit back and watch long enough, they will give you a complete road map on how to beat them.

The weak players are going to show their hole cards after a bluff because they see the stars do it on television. These weaker players will also show you their hand when they lay down a monster to a big bet. If you watch them long enough, you should know what they are holding in any session.

The weak players bet in patterns, meaning they raise the same way, check in the same situations, and fold when the pressure is too much. Once you identify their patterns, or tells, you should have no trouble being able to take the pot away when you want to.

Now that you know how to find the weak players, you will have little trouble bluffing them out of nice size pots along the way. Learn more about เว็บพนัน come visit our site.